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This is the World's First and Only FDA Clearance for True Periodontal Regeneration Based on Human Histologic Studies with the PerioLase® MVP-7

No other laser company...
No other laser device...
No other laser periodontal therapy...

...has human histologic studies that show Periodontal Regeneration – true regeneration of the attachment apparatus (new cementum, new periodontal ligament, and new alveolar bone) on a previously diseased root surface when used specifically in the LANAP® Protocol.

No cut, no sew, no fear® No biologics used!
No exogenous growth factors!
No bone grafts!
No artificial membranes!
No scaffolds!
No stitches!

Doctor-dedicated, full-mouth regenerative protocol developed by GPs for GPs and specialists alike.
Pride Institute Technology Award - PerioLase® MVP-7™

Proven with Human Histology

Photographic evidence of peridontal regeneration over a six-year span

Evidence of peridontal regeneration over a six-year span

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